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"We are all land, in the temporary shape of a human."  

                                                             Jasmine Neosh        

Life persists through a constant recombination of the animate and the inanimate.  Perhaps, at a different scale or duration, even the inanimate is animate.

I think about how perception shifts based on our place in the world, our movement through space, our changing points of view.

Do we experience a ceaseless passage of time and the influences this passage has on the world around us, or can we be held in a moment that extends forward and back, something vast, something that hovers and holds?  Can we experience both together?

My work is an exploration of the fluidity of existence, where the insistence of the eternal and the beauty of impermanence sometimes converge. I am interested in the moments when things transition from one state to another. 

Those moments of intricate intermingling of our inner and outer worlds, can they unlock unseen dimensions of our perceptions and emotions?

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